Get Crackin’ Sister!

Boy! I’ve been so focused on moving my blog & sprucing it up, that I haven’t gotten in any knitting time today! I’m at 56.75″ and have just started my third and final skein of Noro Transitions. I better get cracking…or knitting, as it may be!



Oh no! I did a pattern repeat this morning after blogging last, and noticed a huge error (cabled front when it should have been in back). Given that I had never done cables before obviously I had never “fixed” an errant one and I was terrified! I was totally thinking of leaving it because a non-knitter prolly wouldn’t notice, but 1) It was making me crazy, and 2) It was not “knitting excellence” in the spirit of the Olympics.

I thought about getting some help from one of the Knitting Doctors at Knitting Arts, but one won’t be available ’til tomorrow, which meant losing some prime Knitting Olympics time…What to do??

Then hubby said I should tink it back and fix it (okay, he didn’t use those terms, but it’s what he meant), because it would be a valuable “learning opprotunity”…so after rolling my eyes (a lot), it’s what I did. Mathphobe that I am, I have no idea how I got my mind around it (prolly the same way as the 2 Colors, 2 Hands method), but I did and problem solved! I can prolly catch up & even go beyond where I was! WoooHooooooooooo! :::::happy dance::::

Scarf Check In:

Current Offical Scarf Length: 49.75″ ! WooHoooo!

Last night was our local TKGA Guild meeting, so I got in several inches. Of those present, four of us were working on our Olympic projects. KnitWitty had to be the ultimate Olympian, with her stopwatch and all! She’s clocking herself to get her “official Olympic time”…I loved it!!!

Yarn in Two Hands!

Knitting with yarn in one hand is too cool, but knitting with two colors, one in each hand, has to be the pinnacle of knitting fun for me! Audited the Working With Color class by Knitting Arts newest teacher, Barbara Warsavage, and learned a lot more about options with color.

Since I didn’t take any knitting classes at TNNA last month, I decided to really challenge myself to learn something new. I charted a first project for the first time, and taught myself intarsia. So I was pretty stoked about working with color.

So, I knitted American with one color, and Continental with the other! It was so much fun, and fast!!!

34″ & Counting…

So 48″ may not do it for a guy’s scarf. If I do 60″, I will need to do 3.75″ per day & need to be at 26.25″ today to be on track. I am proud to say that I am at 34″ so far, with many more knitting hours left in the day…wooohooo!

Citius, Altius, Fortius

(Faster, Higher, Stronger)

Love The One You Knit…

Okay, last night I was ready to pack in the Good Ole Cabled Scarf. Love the design, but wasn’t too sure about the yarn (just for this project, not in general).

Knitting is such a personal thing. You have to love the one you knit. It really is like a relationship, you have to have some interest in this thing in order for it to progress. Usually you pretty much know right away if it (the relationship, or the FO!) will work or not. I wasn’t feeling the vibe & wanted to chuck it…but I said I’d finish the skein. By then, I’d have gone through all the color & textural changes, and could see if this was gonna work. During my son’s Lego Robotics class today, I saw the scarf in true daylight and started feeling better about it. Hubby, who has a very severe litmus test for all things Manly, declared it manly enough for my friend and thus passed theUltimate True Test of Manly Scarf-ness.

25″ done & we are off to Spanish class for 50 (mostly) uninterrupted minutes of knitting time!

Progress & Random Thoughts

In order to complete my scarf by the end of the Knitting Olympics (KO), I have to do (at minimum) 3″ per day. Each cable repeat is exactly 1.5″, so I must 2 per day. If I do one more repeat today, I will be on track.

It is interesting to see the reaction to the KO. I’m reading a lot of blogs. Some have embraced it for just the collective bit of knitterly fun it is, others are downright…hmm…what is the word? It’s hard to define, but it’s sort of like being a 7th grader, getting invited to the cool 8th grade party, and the folks who were invited but didn’t go being kinda, “Well, I didn’t want to go to that dumb old party anyway”…about it.

Some are pretty clear about not wanting to do it for whatever reason. I applaud them for being individualistic enough to know their minds. But the other backlash is kinda, well, unfathomable. Do it or don’t…I mean there have been some KALs that I thought were goofy, but I didn’t blog it and talk about how silly I may have thought it was. Wasn’t my cup o’tea, so I didn’t do it. End o’story.

Risking the collective wrath of the BlogWorld for daring to speak my mind…..

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