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A Fishbowl….With No Fishies!

Yesterday at the shop, we had a huge sale…At the checkout, everyone got to dip into the “fishbowl” and grab a slip. Then they got anywhere from 15% off (with a free gift (some were $100 leather needle cases!)) up to 30% off their entire purchase! Well, needless to say, we were very, very busy!!! So I will be kicking up my heels today & doing some knitting (if I could only narrow it down to what I feel like working on today!!!)


Yay! More Work!

So I realize this sounds like an oxymoron, but I am actually really, really excited about the prospect of more work! Today I had a meeting with the owner of the LYS where I work & my hubby (who is our webmaster). We are planning to expand into online sales and I will be playing a part in the development & management of the site!

On another note, I mentioned in my first entry, that some really special entries got timed out in my previous attempts at blogging. The most recent one prior to my success here, had been about a very special friend of my family, who had just undergone major surgery. Her oldest daughter, whom I babysat during my teens, will be 30 soon & is getting married. I asked her daughter if I could gift her with a wedding shawl, and today I picked out some yummy yarns, based on the verbal color-scheme she provided. I put a bunch on reserve until the color samples arrive, but I am sooooooo looking forward to making this shawlette for her! Exhausted, but living on adrenaline fumes! Overall, simply a banner day!