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WIP it…..WIP it Good!

I have more Works In Progress (WIPs), than is right for any human to have. I work 3/4 time and homeschool my 1st grader (he knits, too!), so time is at a premium here at Casa Stro. And working in “yarn heaven” doesn’t help! The upscale shop I work at has luscious hand-dyed yarns that arrive several times a week. As soon as I get motivated to try to complete an older project, something new and beautiful comes in and just calls me….“kniiiiiiiiiiit meeeeee……kniiiiiiiiiit meeeeee”. Well, when yarns talks to you, you have to answer!
Currently, I am working on a father/son vest set made with Rowan’s Calmer (in sage green). Also in the works are an obi from Simply Knit (???); a diagnonal eyelet blanket for my son; socks (Lorna’s Laces self-striping yarn!); a display scarf for the shop made with Trendsetter’s Sunshine & Plymouth’s Spazzini; and a maxi-vest from Tahki’s New Tweed (my own design!)…Oh yeah, and a backpack to felt for my son. This morning is Spanish class for my son and lunch with his best friend afterward, so adios